Monday 29 April 2002

UKARANet is the UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network. There are a number of amateur radio astronomy projects being conducted in the UK. Even more people are interested in getting involved.

After discussions with various people involved in the UK amateur astronomy and radio astronomy community, it was felt that there is a need for more co-operation and sharing of information between amateur radio astronomy projects in the UK. UKARANet is intended as a contact point for UK Amateur Radio Astronomers and anyone else with an interest in radio astronomy in the UK. Your participation is invited. The people already involved range from absolute beginners to real experts, and it is a constant encouragement how the latter always assist the former to enhance their understanding. The only real requirement is an interest in the subject. The world already has enough people whose technical expertise exceeds their sense of wonder - people with true enthusiasm for the subject can make a big difference by sharing it with others.

UKARANet is not a society. The keyword is participation, not membership. One way to participate is to start your own project or get involved in someone else's. Another would be to let us know of anything interesting that you have come across. We can put it on UKARANet to share with others. You can email us information or put it on your own website and we can link to it.

We are compiling a simple database containing information on radio astronomy websites. You can go there by clicking here or on the UKARASEARCH logo next to the UKARANet logo at the top. A simple interface lets you search the database based on a few criteria. No text search yet, unfortunately.

The Beginners section has some simple projects to get you started. This will grow over time. The Projects section contains articles about more advanced projects. You are invited to write up your project and submit it for inclusion in one of these two sections. Of course, credit will be given. All submissions will be subject to review. Reviews will consider technical correctness. The amount and level of technical information is up to you. It is, after all, your article.

If you have any project ideas that might work but that you haven't tried, the Ideas section is the place for those. This might get people thinking and perhaps someone will take you up on it.

We hope to build up an archive of useful software. Software is available for download from the Software section or linked from the software section to another website. Again, you are invited to inform us of any useful software you come across. You are also welcome to submit your own. The more that is produced by the Amateur Radio Astronomy community in the UK, the better for its growth.

We want to start a Forum on the UKARANet site. This will not happen until later this year. Until that is up and running, please feel free to leave messages in the Guestbook.

This site is a service for UK Amateur Radio Astronomers. It will only be as active and useful as all of us make it.