The Third International Congress
Radio Astronomy
Hosted by the European Radio Astronomy Club and The SETI League, Inc.
At the Starkenburg Observatory Heppenheim Germany

5 Th 6 Th and 7Th of September 2003

We are pleased to inform you of our next International Congress For Radio Astronomy. These events, held every 3 years, are hosted by The European Radio Astronomy Club, an organisation with over 250 members in 16 different countries, pledged to assist and inform interests in Radio Astronomy, both Professional and Amateur.

It will be Co-Hosted, as before, by the SETI League and its Executive Director, Prof. Dr. H. Paul Shuch. This is a 3 day event with lectures and workshops, as well as the chance to visit the Medieval town of Heppenheim , north of Heidelberg, Germany’s finest University city .

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On Friday, guests will be arriving from all over the world. The town of Heppenheim has a Railway Station, and the nearest international airport is Frankfurt. By prior arrangement, it is possible to collect you from the airport . On Friday, guests are invited to visit observatory, which will be open at 20:00 hrs.

There will be a chance to get together at Filou, a local inn in the centre of Heppenheim, by the well on the marketplace. The evening is open ended, and it is a lot of fun to drink some “Heppenheimer Wein”. Heppenheim is a wine growing town with a long tradition and excellent food at a reasonable price.

Saturday the 6th, the official opening of the Congress will be at 09:00 hrs and the Congress will continue till about 19:00hrs, with a long lunch break at noon. In the evening, we will be gathering in a local inn for our evening meal, once again open ended. Sunday will be the same, finishing at 17:00hrs.

To close, as usual, Dr Paul Shuch from the SETI League will be playing Radio Astronomy Shanties in the afternoon sun outside the Observatory .

Contact Information:
The European Radio Astronomy Club , Ziethen Str 97, D-68259 Mannheim Germany
Tel Home ++49 (0)621 794597 Mobile 01704133653 Work ++49(0)6221 512470.

Congress Address information:
The Starkenburg Observatory Heppenheim
D-64646 Heppenheim Bergstrasse Tel ++49 (0)6252 798844 Obs 77365

The 3rd European Radio Astronomy Club Congress
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