See the introduction below for a summary of how UKARANet started. Also see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information.


UKARANet is the United Kingdom Amateur Radio Astronomy Network.

This came out of a number of conversations between people involved in the 408 MHz Survey ( http://www.408mhzsurvey.org.uk ). It became apparent that there was a gap in the then current provision of web sites relating to amateur radio astronomy. Most were specific to one individual or group project. Most were based in the USA and quoting sources of equipment and materials in that country. Two are those of publishers or suppliers. One was SARA and one was ARAE. What appeared to be missing was something with "how to" information" relating to a range of project areas, a repository of information and data, and a jumping off point to amateur radio astronomy (mainly) in the UK.

UKARANet is not a club or society. It has no formal membership. It is not affiliated to anything. It does not have a committee or a constitution. Experience has taught that these things carry a heavy overhead and invite indulgence in politics. Such are to be avoided in the name of getting on with things.

UAKANet is a collaborative endeavour. Contributions of material, information, project ideas and so forth are always welcomed. Naturally there will be a degree of technical reference to be made to ensure consistency and quality. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

References are made on this site to a number of suppliers. These are not guarantees, they are simply meant to be useful pointers to sources of supply.

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UKARANet has no connection with SETI. If you are interested in SETI, we would recommend that you visit the web site of the UK SETI League. However you may find our site of interest too.